Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brainwashed Generation

Sweden is one of most socialist countries in the world. What most people do not realize is that the USA is a way bigger socialist country than Sweden. But there is a clear difference. In Sweden socialism is for every citizen without any prejudice as to who is being helped. Every citizen of Sweden has free healthcare, free education and even free housing if they fall into dire times. In fact some would argue that Sweden is the most civilized nation on earth almost amounting to heaven on earth, because the hardworking people could focus on their work never having to worry about what to do when they get sick or old or go unemployed often due to no fault of their own but due to economic cycles that time to time engulf the world.

In contrast, in the USA the socialism is afforded only for the top 1 to 5 percent in the country and the amount of money being spent on welfare in the USA is many times more than that is being spent in Sweden.

How could such a major hoax be played on Americans, the freest people—and let me add the greatest and the most generous—people on earth?

The answer lies in the control of media and the power the American media (that is owned by a few corporations that in turn is owned by that 1% of the wealthy, who receive welfare from the taxpayer, if they ever get into trouble) holds in brainwashing the population. America being one of the freest countries in the history of mankind you may not believe that the people could be brainwashed that easily. But that is where I will differ with others. I have traveled to many parts of the world, was born in a foreign country and have lived in so many foreign countries and have met with my share of brainwashed souls from all corners of the world. They range from religious fanatics to racial fanatics to social and political fanatics. So I have become some sort of authority in being able to detect brainwashed souls. Let me tell you how you detect them.
First, brainwashed souls never ask any questions but repeat slogans that they have heard in the media (or in other formats, in lesser developed countries) as it is the ultimate truth. To be fair, most Americans, are not fanatics but they are nevertheless pretty much brainwashed. Don’t take my word for it, just talk to common American man or woman about politics and social issues and listen to them without giving your opinion. They will begin chanting their beliefs to you and you will see how most things they say are in direct conflict with their own self-interest.
And that is the second measurement rod I use to locate brainwashed persons. When a person says something that is so clearly against his or her self-interest then I know the person is brainwashed by the media. All what you hear is them repeating like parrots what they hear their favorite journalist, who makes millions of dollars making the case for their wealthy bosses, utter on television.

As facts point out the consequences of this are hellish: in America we have the biggest prison population in the world; Two million prisoners in the USA is about 25% of the world’s prison population. The living conditions of this prison population, from many accounts, are animalistic and no one in the media speaks about these. There are about 1.6 million homeless in the USA. Majority of the people in the country live in debt from the wages they make from month to month. The crimes being committed in the country is so heinous, I cannot figure out why people do not ask for a solution to this. Contrast this situation with any of the other developed countries (such as Scandinavia, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.) that are being called socialist states by the American media. In any of those countries a woman could walk alone at 2 in the morning. In most parts of America it would be a miracle if you could do that.

Ask what to do about these problems from the brainwashed generation of America and they will tell you that we have to build more prisons, close the country to immigration and all the rest that they hear their favorite TV journalist advocates on their daily shows and avoid talking about the real issues that is plaguing the country and the world. It almost appears that many Americans have stopped thinking for themselves any longer.

By any means this article is not meant to promote socialism. For that matter capitalism, I subscribe, is the greatest system man has invented. But that has to be practiced under fair and equitable laws. It is when that is not done with such rules in place that the capitalism gets a bad name.

This is not a simple issue that the world should consider uniquely American and should not interfere. America holds enough arsenals to blow up the whole world in a matter of few seconds. The present leaders may not do that. But there is no guarantee a great communicator to take over the USA through rigged elections—there are possibilities for that—and with the help of the media (that could be one day be owned by a handful of totally unscrupulous people) to brainwash most of the population to get enough consensus to blow up a major part of the world destroying the civilization that has taken centuries to build through the effort of many nations as the humanity evolved through its short history.

All Americans who love this country and the rest of the humanity should take these issues quite seriously and start thinking for themselves and start asking questions. Let me bring up Adolph Hitler who said how wonderful it is for the leaders that people do not ask question. If enough German People asked the right questions then we could avoided the carnage the world suffered with the World War II.

On the issue of asking question this is what the American people should request the journalists who have the power to question our political leadership who is currently involved in bailing out the Wall Street with close to trillion dollars of taxpayer money:

Who is to be blamed for this mess?
How come you did not know that this is going to happen as this was going on with the Wall Street insides paying themselves billions of dollars in bonus?
If you were not smart enough to understand that why did you not read good books or magazines (such as Barron’s Alan Abelson) to understand this? Those benevolent, smart guys were freely telling anyone who wants to listen as to what’s going to happen. Granted elite such as "The Washington Post" editor of Watergate fame, Bob Woodward wrote books such as "Maestro" hero-worshipping the biggest culprit of them all, that may have mislead some journalists, but astute investors such Jim Rogers wrote books forecasting the mess the Fed Chairman is about to create if anybody cared to read an alternative opinion than what you got from that major media. If Mr.Woodward has any conscience he should take his book "Maestro" off the bookshelves, until he learns about these matters fairly and reassess his commentaries.

Those who are in power who don’t understand the system could begin by reading the right books and magazines so next time when a great communicator takes over the country and begin this all over, we could slow it down. We could be assured that this would be repeated since they have done it again even after President Roosevelt once saved the country from people with a similar mindset belonging to another generation.

It would make no sense to ask the simple question how to stop this from happening again. As I have mentioned above, history will repeat itself and it will happen all over again. Just observe who is getting credit for this decisive action of bailing out. The credit is bestowed on the same people who created—or stood aside, indifferently knowing and/or profiting from what was going on—the mess. You can expect the same journalists who were making this possible by brainwashing the common man and woman at major media to continue with their high-paying jobs. Also you can expect them to find scapegoat for this and any other repercussions that may come our way due to unregulated free markets. If you want an analogy, give some reckless kids the biggest humvees out there, put them on the highway, tell them that all the traffic laws have been lifted, and they are free to drive any way they want. The brainwashed generation cannot understand the simple fact that no system can survive without fair and equitable laws.

I would say that the US media is one of the most dangerous in the history of mankind. I say this because this is the only media that can be instrumental in facilitating blowing up the whole world in a few seconds. No other media in history had that kind of power. I blame the American media for most what I have mentioned above. However, let’s take this in perspective: you cannot blame the individual journalists. Most are decent citizens trying to make a living just like you and me; granted some are not smart enough to understand what’s going on and themselves are brainwashed. Even if those journalists, who understand what is going on start questioning what is not right, they will lose their jobs and the expensive healthcare insurance paid on their behalf. That is not something any citizen in the USA could look forward at this time and as mentioned, not like in Sweden (and the rest of the civilized developed world), if you have no excessively expensive health insurance (that is being inflated in double digits, giving skepticism to the way the US government measures inflation) in the USA, you are in big trouble if you get struck with bad health. So we have to empathize with individual journalists when they appear to pander to power structure at the expense of the rights of common people. I don’t think they mean any harm but they are just trying to survive.

So the correction to this systems lies with the people of the democracy, while we still have democracy (and don’t take it for granted, the power structure, with the help of the media, will find a way to manipulate and circumvent that, if you allow them to). People have a duty to think free and write to the media, to the politicians pointing out what is not right and taking their country back to be governed by people for the people. People should consider being activists as their prime responsibility for being born and pass on spending their short lease on earth.

For example, I have nothing to gain by writing this article and for that matter may have more to lose for annoying the power structure. But I consider it my sacred duty to raise these issues. I hope more people will take the time to write and raise controversial issues even if the major media will not provide them a platform, they could use the truly democratic platform of free speech, the Internet, before the power structure would find a way to close that platform also to the common man and woman.

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Faith Smith said...

Great article! I hope that many are reading this and sharing with others. In addition , I hope that more will speak up as to important and relevant issues such as these, and move away from being a part of the "brainwashed" generation. People need to start waking up, and become more conscious. We are not here to be unconscious "dreamers", and sleepwalk thru life, but we are here to live consciously and be active participants in making this world a better place for all.